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Destiny by TD Jakes

Book: Destiny: Step into Your Purpose

Author: Rev. T.D. Jakes

Release date (if applicable): August 4, 2015

Synopsis: Bishop Jakes presents THE PECKING ORDER PRINCIPLES to assist in setting and achieving goals to accomplish one's destiny. Also discussed are behaviors/actions that individuals do to screw up their destiny and shoot themselves in the feet. 

My rating: 5 Stars

My opinion: Last year, I had the opportunity to review what I would call the companion or first step to this book. INSTINCT was a book I couldn't put down. I ended up purchasing both a print copy and an audiobook version of the book because the words that were written were so powerful. DESTINY followed its example with the importance of the words written and the topics discussed. 

TD Jakes makes powerful arguments for one's destiny and roadblocks that we put in its way. His ability for putting perspectives into BAM moments for reflection was priceless to me. For example, one of the most important parts of the book to me was his analogy of "Every Day is a Withdrawal from the Bank of Time" which was a comparison of minutes wasted each day as money spent/withdrawn from our life bank. This book was loaded with these that just put life into perspective and how life/destiny is wasted. 

Not being overly religious and a person who tends to avoid faith-based books, what has stood out to me was that the Bishop doesn't come into his books and beat and berate readers over the head with religion. He instead makes logical arguments as how one can support or destroy their destiny or who they are supposed to be with their own actions. I would feel very comfortable recommending this book not only to the religious, but those who live a more agnostic lifestyle. I will say that this book did have more of a reference to God than INSTINCT did, but I did not find it distracting. 

One criticism of this book that I did find that wasn't present in INSTINCT was a redundancy of concepts or words that didn't fit and didn't have the feeling that it was being emphasized. Had that not been present or I wasn't reading this book for review, this book would have received my very special and almost never given 10/5 Stars like INSTINCT received. 

Source: Faithwords through Netgalley for review

Would I recommend? : Absolutely. See above. Like INSTINCT, I have also pre-ordered this book in print and audio to be able to really delve into the book and tear it apart from a learning perspective versus a reviewer perspective. 

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand alone

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