Saturday, May 1, 2021

Audiobook: Sleeping Dogs Lie by Samantha Downing (Audible Original)


Book: Sleeping Dogs Lie

Author: Samantha Downing

Narrators: Melanie Nicholls-King; Lindsey Dorcus

Release date (if applicable): April 1, 2021

Synopsis: When Todd Burke is found shot to death in his bathroom by his dog walker Shelby, his soon to be ex-wife with a grudge becomes the number one suspect in a line of potential suspects. But be careful, people aren't always who they appear to be and not seeing that can be deadly. 

My rating: 5 Stars

My opinion: So...before I begin my opinion because you know I have one, let me just say that some of these audible originals justify the subscription fees to audible. I thought Brian Freeman's The Deep, Deep Snow was a one and done and that most books were just mediocre listens. This book throws that belief right out the window.

Now onto my review:

Few full length novelists can grasp the ability to be able to write high quality novellas. Not a slam. They just can't. Most feel like full length books that the author did a quick wrap up on or that half the story is missing. I can count on my ONE hand the number of authors that I feel can pull off a quality novella and Samantha Downing is one of them.

This was a GREAT listen. Ms. Downing managed to tell a complete story in two hours that left me wondering who the killer was and did a fantastic job in throwing in a plot twist that I didn't see coming.

There are so many ways I could see this series continuing...not only from the detective's perspective, but from that of the killer.

Bravo, Ms. Downing....Bravo. Gotta say that I haven't had a chance to read a full length novel from this author, but if she can pound something this high quality out of a novella, I'll be picking up a full length novel pretty soon.

Source: Audible Original Subscription

Would I recommend? HELL YES! Grab a subscription and listen to this book. It was a fun 2 hours. 

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone

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