Thursday, February 4, 2021

The Diabolical Bones (A Bronte Sisters Mystery) by Bella Ellis


Book: The Diabolical Bones (A Bronte Sisters Mystery)

Author: Bella Ellis (Rowan Coleman)

Release date (if applicable): 02/16/2021

Synopsis: The Bronte Sisters are back with another mystery to solve. A child's bones are found in a local landowners' fireplace. Whose bones are they? Who is trying to stop the Bronte sisters from finding out the story behind them by any means possible, including murder? 

My rating: 5 Stars

My opinion: I have read both books in the series and have several thoughts on these books. 

First, I have started many a series only to be disappointed by the next books in the series. The first book is fantastic, but then the writing becomes weaker with each passing release. Ms. Coleman's novels shows none of these issues. I found The Diabolical Bones to be as well written and inviting as The Vanished Bride. The Diabolical Bones comes out swinging with a unique storyline partnered with an inviting writing style. I absolutely loved this book setting and Ms. Coleman does a phenomenal job at conveying it. It is apparent everything about this book from setting, time period and main characters have been well researched. 

Second, normally I am a stickler about reading series in order. Especially in strong character driven series, it a must if the reader wants to enjoy the full experience of the book and/or character. In my opinion, Ms. Coleman has written these books to be able to stand on their own if the reader so desires. While the Bronte sisters are present in the novel, I don't find their character development to be so strong that one must read the books in order to enjoy the series or not feel lost. 

Third, the author does a fantastic job of writing a painting a dark atmospheric story, she ensures that some light attached to it. While the story was sad and dark, the author didn't beat the reader down with it. Ms. Coleman was able to maintain a story that kept moving without being depressing to the reader.

Source: Berkley Publishing Group via Netgalley

Would I recommend? Absolutely! If you like historical fiction mysteries, this new series is not one to miss. I know I am eagerly awaiting the next in series. 

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Second in series