Who is Naomi Blackburn??

I am currently on Goodreads (profile) where I am the #15 top reviewer in the US and #20 globally of all time. I am founder of Sisterhood of the Traveling Book, on Goodreads which is dedicated to helping authors connect with reviewers. Born out of our love for the genre, I also co-founded a Nordic Noir group on Goodreads with a buddy of mine that is dedicated to discussing Scandinavian mystery writers.

I have always had a love of books. As my love turned into a passion and, through Goodreads I was introduced to many a new author, I knew that I wanted to do whatever I needed to do to help spread the word about quality writing no matter its' source. Thus, A Book and A Review was born! In August, 2012, the site Wise, Ink listed A BOOK AND A REVIEW on its' list of 20 BEST AMATEUR BOOK REVIEW BLOGS!

I can't forget my other love which is a love of food. This love (and after lots of prompting from friends and family) actually had me start writing a food blog called The Pub and Grub Forum. Being a lover of cookbooks, not only do I offer recipes to my followers, but cookbook reviews as well.

In my work life, I am an MBA level healthcare executive/consultant with 13 years experience in the area of business development and marketing. In 2012, I started a small consulting firm called The Author CEO dedicated to working with authors to recognize their work as a small business and to embrace their "entrepreneurial inner child" in the selling of their novels. In my personal life, when I am not reading, I love to cook and bake for my family and friends and to all around entertain! Although, I love wine, I love to play with various liquors and consider myself to be quite the mixologist!   Finally, I love to scuba dive, play golf, travel and hike/bike. In my dreams, I would love to relocate to an area where I could do all this stuff 24/7/365 (minus time off to work...of course)!!!


  1. Hi Naomi, Terri G Long recommended me to the Sisterhood site, and I am not sure how to ask questions there, thus I am trying you here. I joined the group and would like to offer books for review, but I am Canadian, so not allowed? Actually, I am a dual citizen but live in Canada. I recently published by first ebook, after publishing six the conventional way, and am learning the ropes of the eworld. I love it that the Sisters groups aims to put authors in touch with readers. I would appreciate knowing how, or if to proceed.

    1. No, we don't ship books to Canada...so no Canadian members may sign up for traveling book. It now costs $10 to ship to Canada and $15 (Canadian) to get the book back. We have one member that we have grandfathered in. Your book MUST be in print though as it is easier to track/monitor reviews/traveling. Please contact me through abookandareview@yahoo.com. Thanks, neb