Saturday, April 14, 2012

Book: Hearts that Survive: A Novel of the Titanic
Author: Yvonne Lehman
Release date (if applicable): Published
Synopsis: Lydia Beaumont is traveling to New York City on the Titanic with her fiance, John Ancell. Married on board the ship hours before the catastrophe, Lydia must now learn to pull the pieces of her life together and learn when God is in someone's life.
My rating: 1 star
My opinion: I must admit that I have a really strong objection to slap you in your face Christian literature. I am not a heathen in any aspect, but I like my Christian literature to not be feeling like it is coming from a bully pulpit. I love authors such as Deeanne Gist or Colleen Coble, but they are able to get Christian messages across without beating the readers over the head with scripture passages. I am thoroughly convinced that authors who have to use extremes such as language, sex, drugs or bible passages are covering up for mediocre or substandard writing.

When I requested this book off Netgalley, the publisher simply had it identified as historical fiction. Had it been identified as Christian literature, I probably would have done some more digging before requesting or not requesting.

Would I recommend? : To those who like that style of Christian literature..yes. I did like the underlying story of the book. To others, no.
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