Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who am I and why a book blog?!?!

I am a book lover. I don't just say that I love books...I really love books. I could never imagine them not being in my life. There are things that I could imagine having to give up, but you would need to pry a book out of my cold, dead hands! If I haven't said it enough...I love all books, all genres (for the most part), and a wide variety of authors. Books are so much a part of my life that I could NEVER imagine them not in my life. I am currently listed on Goodreads' Highest Reviewers lists, both in the US and globally. My name also appears on the Top Readers list for the US, as well.
Are you convinced yet??

I will take books anyway I can get them. Originally, I had sworn off ereaders, believing books were meant to be held in my hands with the paper pages turning under my fingers. It then dawned on me that there are a huge number of authors out there which are restricted to ereaders that I felt I was missing out on. So, what did I end up doing? Not only did I buy a Nook, but I also grabbed a Kindle. I wanted to make sure that I never missed a book that I wanted.

On that note, I am also cheap! My morning coffee is drank while I am surfing ereaderiq.com for free or severly discounted books, while doing the same with the Amazon lists for anything on my out of control and evergrowing "to be read" list on Goodreads.

So, why a book blog?? I recently started a food blog called The Pub and Grub Forum (http://thepubandgrubforum.blogspot.com/) because my other passion is food and drink. I had thought about combining the two, but that would have been like combining oil and vinegar, plus it looked really goofy and out of place on TPGF. Any who, I love my food blog and have a blast with it, but I felt like the other passion in my life was missing. As I was reviewing and processing my recipes. I felt like I was missing an appendage. And that appendage had a book attached to it.

I must be honest though...I was intimidated in the thoughts of writing a book blog...after all, a food blog is normally a "just the facts, ma'am" situation. Book reviews are more flowery, creative and  involved. Three things I am not!! As I got to thinking, though, I kept asking myself why book review be can't a "just the facts, ma'am" proposition? Why do they have to be flowery and involved?

Instead I came up with my own format which will simply be:
  • The title of the book
  • The author of the book
  • Identifying information such as publisher, ISBN/ASIN, format, etc
  • A very short synopsis...no spoilers here
  • My rating based on the 5 star rating system
  • My opinion...again, no spoilers here
  • Would I recommend the book based on my opinion?
I really hope you join me. Like with my food blog, I love feedback, as long as it is appropriate, and love to discuss books.


  1. Great idea Naomi having your reviews sent to me is going to be a lot easier then hunting for them.

  2. I aim to please, Dianne!! That is the whole reason I did it..was thinking of you the whole time!! lol

    No, actually, James Thompson talked me into doing it. He and I were talking about some stuff then I through in also that while I love doing the food blog, I love books, so that is why I did it, but just wanted to keep it really, really simple. I am not artistic..and can't get really "flowy" with words...so I think this format works.