Monday, July 2, 2012

The Book Lover by MaryAnn McFadden

Book: The Book Lover

Author: MaryAnn McFadden

Release date (if applicable): Published

Synopsis: Lucy Barrett's, an indie author, unsure of her footing in life due to several catastrophies in her life, meets with a shocking betrayal from her husband. Lucy, to deal with the blow, hits the road to promote her book. She meets up with bookstore owner, Ruth, who has secrets of her own. Can these two women help each other to heal or will their secrets drive them further apart and kill any chance for Lucy to get her book to the public?

My rating: 4.5 Stars

My opinion: Ms. McFadden's book is prime example of why I LOVE INDIE AUTHORS! This book was engrossing and I fell in love with the characters immediately! It was so well written that this is an author who can easily get off the porch and play with the big house publishing dogs(authors) and even outrun a chunk of them. Any critic who doesn't think Indie authors can't compete with a big house publisher needs to read this book! One of the stories greatest lines focuses on Lucy's book being turned down by a big house publisher with a note stating that a book needs to capture the reader from page one. Well, Ms. captured me from page one! Your book was delightful, well written and delightful!

Dorothea Benton Frank, in her review of the book states "Mary McFadden take you into the hearts and souls of two ordinary women,..., who find the courage to pursue their dreams, and the men they love. The Book Lover is unforgettable!". She is correct. I read alot of books...most I forget almost immediately, but I fell so in love with the characters in this book that I continue to think about them, with a smile on my face,  after finishing the book.

OK, I do have to admit, a Goodread's reviewer had called it predictable and "cheesy" and I agree to a point, but this is a cheese I would gladly eat!

Source: Publicist

Would I recommend? : Definitely

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone

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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing, and recognizing how much work I put into this book. Lucy's publishing backstory is my alot of my own. My "big" publisher actually turned it down, as did several other editors at big houses, because they were "uncomfortable" with the writer's story, and they "deal with struggling writers every day." I am so happy that THE BOOK LOVER is now out in the world and proving once again that there is an audience for my book! Maryann McFadden