Friday, July 13, 2012

A Place in the Country by Elizabeth Adler

Book: A Place in the Country

Author: Elizabeth Adler

Release date (if applicable): Published

Synopsis: Caroline Evans, a newly singled mother due to her divorce from her philandering husband, struggles with resentments by her daughter, Issy, who blames her mother for the divorce, and from just trying to make ends meet. Her hearts desire is to open a new restaurant she can call her own. Will she and her daughter come to terms, especially with decisions that Issy makes? Will Caroline ever be able to open her heart and find new love? Will she have a restaurant of her own?

My rating: 2 Stars. See the reasoning for my generous review below.

My opinion: I have to be really honest in saying this is the same old safe storylines recycled over and over again, not only in women's lit, but also by the big house publishers, and why I tend to seek out indie authors frequently.  A nice safe cookie cutter read which wraps up with a pretty red ribbon. It drives me crazy. I must state that I have a hard time with it coming from St. Martin's Press because this isn't a publisher where I normally see this (maybe I miss those books) and why I sought out to review this book where I have passed on other publishers who fall into the Women's Lit genre. For the most part, the books I get from this publisher are rockin' 4 and 5 star reads.  In fact, I tend to zero in on this publisher's offerings.

The storyline husband cheats on doting wife. She leaves and struggles, including resentful children. Then, a dashing man comes into the picture. Throw in a shocking couple of melodramatic moments and *BAM* you have A Place in the Country. Based on the book's description, I expected there to be more but it simply fell flat for me.

So, why 2 stars instead of one. In general, the writing on this book was excellent. I did enjoy the characters to some point...just not the storyline!

Source: St. Martin's Press (Netgalley)

Would I recommend? : For the audience (and there is an audience) who enjoys this type of book, yes...otherwise, no

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone

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