Monday, April 15, 2013

A Book and A Drink: What Matters Most by Bette Lee Crosby

Every so often, a person is really blessed to have an individual come into his/her life. I must admit that this is how I feel about Bette Lee Crosby. Bette is a not only a dynamic, warm, funny person, but she can also write great novels that touch the heart. Wanna know who Bette is? Here is a perfect example from an email that I received that epitomizes who she is as a human being and more importantly...a friend:

The problem with friendship, it grabs hold of your heart and won't let go - LOL - It's a good thing.

Now, I must admit that I have a strange quirk. As I get to know people, due to my love of mixology, I will develop a drink in my head that I feel fits their personality. Bette is from South Florida and her personality fits the kicked back, tropical feeling of the area and I the drink that came into my mind fits that perfectly. Bette's Breeze has the flavors of fresh citrus with essence of coconuts, yet is soft and fun like its namesake. Now, does that scream tropical?

Bette has written a wonderful new book called WHAT MATTERS MOST that I wanted to introduce to the readers of my blogs to.  Here is the book description:

Louise Palmer is a settled-down person. A woman who wants nothing more than to remain in the same house until the day she dies. When her husband, Clay, announces an intention to quit his job and move to Florida, her life is thrown into a turmoil of mixed emotions and strained loyalties. Torn between Clay’s desire for “the good life” and the lifelong friendships of her quilting club, Louise struggles with what to do…until her best friend hatches a scheme to thwart the move.

Before she discovers the truth of what matters most, a marriage will be tested, family relationships will fall apart and the friendships Louise tried to hold onto will change dramatically
 I really enjoyed this book. I found that it manifested Bette's traditional "quirky" Southern sense of humor surrounded by well developed characters.

Got the book? Now the drink! Since What Matters Most is set in Florida, like the author, one can see how BETTE'S BREEZE will be a perfect match!

Yes, that is coconut floating in the drink!

Now, a couple of notes on this drink. The citrus levels can be adjusted. Like your drinks much more of a tangy bite like I do? Use a full 1.5 oz of both lime and orange juices. Like them softer with less tang? Only use 1 oz of each of the juices.

So, here we go!:


½ oz Agave Nectar
2 oz Malibu Rum
1 oz to 1.5 oz FRESH SQUEEZED Lime Juice
1 oz to 1.5  FRESH SQUEEZED OJ
3 oz Coconut Water (note this is not coconut milk)
1 oz Triple Sec
1.5 oz Sweet and Sour


1) Place all ingredients in a metal shaker filled with ice. Shake for 30 seconds. Pour into a tall hurricane glass and garnish with orange, lime and/or cherries.

Yes, that is coconut bits that you are seeing in the drink. That is why coconut water is used versus coconut milk which would make it more creamy.

Want to grab What Matters Most? Amazon: 

 Need it for your Nook or an epub file?

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