Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Secret Life of Copernicus Stringfellow by Lorin Barber

Book: The Secret Life of Copernicus Stringfellow

Author: Lorin Barber

Release date (if applicable): Published

Synopsis: Incognito Superhero Copernicus, "Nick" Stringfellow heads out to Seattle Washington to work as a nurse at large for Harborview hospital. Nick isn't your run of the mill, overly strong superhero. His strength is in his mind, which gives new meaning to being telekinetic. While there he heals people, helps oodles and oodles in quiet ways and with his band of do gooders seeks out to make what is wrong in the world right!

My rating: 4 Stars

My opinion: What a fun, different and quirky little book this was. Picture if you could read a graphic novel and you have Secret Life. There were plenty of times just snickering at some of the lines of this book because they were SO silly. For example, Copernicus had a love of Twinkies and just to listen to him obsess about how to eat Twinkies was hilarious...think BBQ Twinkies. Now, is this a normal book that I would read? Nah, I have to tell you honestly, it isn't. Was it an excellent and light diversion? Heck yeah!  

I also liked the writing of the book though. I think the author really nailed how to keep it light and the emphasis that you typically see in a graphic novel, but in a regular novel format.  Just a very different type of novel.

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Would I recommend? : I do think that this book has a niche audience.

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone


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