Friday, March 1, 2013

Indiscretion: A Novel by Charles Dubow

Book: Indiscretion
Author: Charles Dubow
Release date (if applicable): Published

Synopsis: Author Harry Winslow and his wife Maddie have everything...wealth, power, talent, beauty and each other. When the young and beautiful Claire comes into their lives, will all they have be enough or will one of them want more not caring about the repercussions?
My rating: 2.5 Stars
My opinion: For what had promised to be such a passionate book, I was left quite cold. I simply could not connect with any of the characters, the storyline, nor did I care what happened to the characters.  Furthermore, I thought the writing was good, but again, not spectacular. It was a debut, but I think this book was given a whole lot of buzz that it certainly had not earned.
Source: Library
Would I recommend? : No
Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone


  1. I was not happy when the narrator introduced himself into "Indiscretion." It was like having the cameraman talking while you're watching a movie. The one part that I loved was when the author and reader were clued into the reason for Harry's plane crash but not the narrator. Once Harry died he couldn't write about how mice had eaten through wires that the mechanic "repaired." The result is the reader getting pulled into a triangle privy to knowledge another leg of the triangle doesn't know just like the love triangle in the book.

    1. Excellent insight, Liz. I think that was a huge reason why the novel left me so cold. I don't know if, given the storyline, this is a book that could have been written as a first person though.