Monday, June 3, 2013

Crime of Privilege: A Novel by Walter Walker

Book: Crime of Privilege: A Novel
Author: Walter Walker
Narrator (if applicable): n/a

Release date (if applicable): June 18, 2013

Synopsis: Two rape and one murder several years apart yet similar to who the main suspect is. A young woman is brutally raped. Law student George Becket witnesses the crime. When the father of the victim approaches Becket to testify, Becket lies and says the act he saw was consensual. Years later, George is approached by another father asking him to investigate the death of his daughter The problem you ask? His main suspect is the same guy from the prestigious, politically connected family (think Kennedy family) who have paid George's way through law school.  Can George bring the wealthy murderer to justice or will privilege trump murder?
My rating: 3 Stars
My opinion: I thought that this book could have been written a bit tighter. I thought it jumped around a whole lot that ended up leaving it with a schizophrenic feeling at times. The premise for the story was good, especially because it could, technically, be based on real occurances (as we see frequently in the news).

Now, I refuse to over think this novel as some of my reviewer compadres. Frankly, it makes my eyes bleed. I like simplicity and  I say phewwy to over-thought reviews! On that note, I would have liked to have seen this author focus on keeping the locations, characters, etc. limited in this book. Thus, tightening up the storyline. I am not sure what he was thinking by dragging George through out the world and was really unnecessary and distracting. I think that it served much more as a lengthen-er of the book rather than to add significance to the storyline. 

Source: Edelweiss for Ballatine Books
Would I recommend? : That is iffy to me!
Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone

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