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She's Not There by PJ Parrish

Book: She's Not There

Author: PJ Parrish

Release date (if applicable): September 15, 2015

Synopsis: Amelia shows up into the ER with a serious head wound and a severe case of amnesia. A man appears at the ER and claims he is her husband, but Amelia knows that he isn't safe to be around. After slipping out of the ER and going on the run, will Amelia make it out alive? What does Amelia know and why does someone want her dead?

My rating: 3.5/5 Stars

My opinion: NOTE: I have read all the books written by this dynamic sister duo. My big joke on my love of PJ Parrish's writing goes back to 2000 with the publishing of Dark of the Moon. I will never forget a debate with my husband regarding male vs. female mystery writers (that was actually prompted by who PJ Parrish was because there is no picture of the sisters in early releases), my husband stated that he didn't like to read female mystery writers due to their focus on romance vs. "mystery". To follow this statement, he stated that there was no way that PJ Parrish was female because of the lack of romance in their books. Let's just say that comment didn't go unanswered. In the meantime, we loaned out Parrish books to friends/coworkers and got them hooked. After one of the Kincaid series releases that particularly rocked it, I was determined to find out who PJ Parrish was. Imagine my surprise when not only one woman came up, BUT TWO. Let's just say that I had a Cheshire Cat grin on my face when I called my husband to the computer.  

1) As a result of the above note, I have grown very accustomed to their writing style. Unfortunately, for me, because of how one scene was written in the early part of the book, I figured out the ending in the first 25 percent. The rest was just an unraveling and fitting pieces. Pretty depressing given that I was all over this when I saw it was coming out and did a happy dance when I was approved to review it.

2) Unlike their Louis Kincaid series, this book wrapped up with a nice, pretty red ribbon. That was kind of a tough pill to swallow given that this isn't the sisters standard MO. It left me with an empty, unsatisfied feeling.

3) Their high-quality writing and story/character development was still present. I will state that my attention was captured within the first 100 pages. To be totally fair, those who don't know of the Sisters' style will probably miss what I caught.

4) As these ladies are on my top 5 list of recommended American mystery writers, I would still recommend this book to more squeamish readers. HOWEVER, my first recommendation would still be the Louis Kincaid series, which is simply AWESOME.

5) I still pre-ordered a print copy for my husband, so, by no means, was this book horrible.

Source: Netgalley for Publisher

Would I recommend? : See above. I always recommend the Sisters!

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand alone


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