Monday, December 31, 2012


Villalobos Rescue Center
About a month ago, my buddy and fellow blogger, Deanna Fisher with Dee's Book Blog, posted that in 2013, she would be donating dollars for each post she does. She was seeking out ideas for what organizations to donate dollars and she would then verify through Charity Navigator.  As I thought about what she was planning to do, I was in awe at her generosity and I knew I wanted to do the same thing for both my book blog and my food blog, The Pub and Grub Forum.

Unlike The Pub and Grub Forum, this year, I have selected one charity to donate my funds. That charity is Villalobos Rescue Center (a 501c3 Organization).  If any of you are unfamiliar with Villalobos Rescue Center, they are the Pit Bull rescue behind the television show, Pit Bull and Parolees on Animal Planet. VRC, based out of New Orleans, is owned and managed by Tia Torres with a sanctuary in Roswell, New Mexico for dogs who can’t be placed in forever homes, yet live out their lives free and happy. Although it is a Pit Bull Rescue, it seems that there are just as many non-Pit Bull puppies looking for forever homes on their Villalobos Rescue Center website.

I have numerous reasons why I have chosen Villalobos Rescue Center:

First, I am a pit bull lover. This is a beautiful and misunderstood breed that those with malice in their heart justify cruelty and abuse of an animal that wants nothing more than to give them love.  I don’t know how to say it any other way.

Second, I whole-heartedly believe in the rescue’s mission statement of SAVING MAN AND MAN’S BEST FRIEND.  The general feeling that I receive whenever I read or watch anything on this organization is that it is a "hands up" not a hand out feeling which fits into my life belief system. As I have heard Tia voice on the show many a time regarding the support she gives to the parolees she hires “I give enough rope either for them to hang themselves or to pull themselves out.” That is the ultimate to me in free will and being responsible for one’s life choices.

Third, I believe in Tia’s philosophy of hiring parolees as support staff to the rescue.  In an age of prison overcrowding, we as a society need to address the recidivism rate, particularly that of non-violent offenders, coming out of our prison system to prevent reoffending. Unlike the better chunk of society that speaks on this topic as a dinner party discussion or educational lecture, Tia has repeatedly put her money where her mouth is.  We as a society need to step up and take her lead.

So, this year, for each book review I post on A BOOK AND A REVIEW, I will donate $1 (remember, I am doing 2 blogs) to Villalobos Rescue Center.  I hope you stop by and make comments….then check out Villalobos Rescue Center and give Tia some more or maybe even look for a forever friend!
Thinking of other ways to help VRC in 2013?

Here is a link to VRC’s Wish list:



  1. Naomi: Happy New Year. What a wonderful way to start the new year. You and your friend Dee are setting a marvelous example. My wife and I have an animal sanctuary and I can tell you that despite the work and costs, it doesn't get much better than knowing you have helped someone or something improve their life. The best thing about VRC is that they do both, helping misunderstood animals and humans who need a second shot at life. What a magnificent thing to do! Have a great new year.

  2. Happy New Year, Jim and thanks...I hope I can do my blogging justice and help VRC at the same time. Being such an avid supporter, I am hoping that it kicks me in my rear end to get my posts up more and more timely! ;)