Monday, December 3, 2012

The Prophet by Ethan Cross

Book: The Prophet

Author: Ethan Cross

Release date (if applicable): Published

Synopsis: There is a new serial killer on the loose known as the Anarchist for how he kills his victims. The Anarchist isn't alone in his kills though...he is controlled by the mastermind...The Prophet.

It is up to Marcus Williams, an agent of The Shepherd Organization, an covert group of the DOJ, who don't necessarily follow the rules in catching violent criminals, to unwind the puzzle and catch both the Anarchist and the Prophet. He is also haunted by the demons from his first case involving serial killer, Frances Ackerman, Jr. who seems to have achieved a celebrity status.

My rating: 4 Stars

My opinion: I was kind of shocked by this novel. Most serial killer novels are more graphic than this novel was and I felt this novel had more of a psychological component to it. Although I missed the graphic aspects the crimes, I must admit that this novel was refreshing. It was much more of a "thinker" and "solver" book than what I was prepared for. I was also impressed by the writing, as well, as the author laid out the mystery superbly. I will definitely seek out more from this author.  

I must admit that I had the same enthusiasm as I had for the early James Patterson ALEX CROSS novels. It has been a very long time since I have had that type of excitement for a novel or that I would even compare two novelists.

Note: This is a second book in the series. I didn't read the first book prior to reading this one, but I would recommend that readers read the first book, The Shepherd, prior to reading this one. My belief is that it probably gives an introduction as to The Shepherd Organization and the relationship between the two main characters, Frances Ackerman, Jr and Marcus Williams,  in the first novel, which I believe would have bumped this up to 5 stars for me.

Source:   Netgalley for publisher     

Would I recommend? : Yes

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Part of Series


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