Monday, June 3, 2013

AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: It Takes Balls Dating Single Moms and Other Confessions From An Unprepared Single Dad

Book: It Takes Balls: Dating Single Moms and Other Confessions From An Unprepared Single Dad
Author: Josh Wolf
Narrator (if applicable): Josh Wolf

Release date (if applicable): Published

Synopsis: Josh entertains with stories of his life and times as a single dad.
My rating: 5 Stars
My opinion: OK, before I start this review, I have to admit something. I have been a HUGE Josh Wolf fan for years. I compare his "Vodsicle" routine to Bill Cosby's "I brought you into this world...I can take you out" routine.

I had reviewed the print copy of this book for Grand Central Publishing through Netgalley. Didn't catch that review. Check it out here:

Normally when I review a book, I review it and it is done. Time to move on. However, I loved the print version of this book and read it in a little over one hour because it was just so funny.  When I saw that Josh narrated his book there was NO way I was missing the audio book. So, Josh, if you see this, consider yourself special. Most authors don't get this treatment.

I thought it would be read like a stand up routine. It wasn't. It WAS a well read version of his book.

Comparisons to the book:

1) The audio book really accented some pretty hilarious moments in the book. 

2) I read the book in 1 hour. The audio was an 8 hour book, but it still flew by though. I will say that I laughed to the point of crying while I read the book. I did have serious tears rolling down my face during points in the audio version. Note: Las Vegas Vacation

3) There were moments in the audio that I did kind of block out due to working on paperwork and such. I didn't have that issue with the print copy.   

So, pick your poison, print or audio, BUT DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK!!!   

Warning: I am giving warning to those easily offended, Josh uses foul language and very strong sexual language. Offended by that? This book is probably not for you. Not offended by that or, like me, seek it out...grab this fun read. 

Source: Library Playaway
Would I recommend? : Why do you think my library grabbed it?!?!
Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone


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