Friday, February 14, 2014

Belle Cora: A Novel Phillip Margulies

Book: Belle Cora: A Novel
Author: Phillip Margulies
Narrator (if applicable):n/a (Although I am sure this book would rock it on audio)

Release date (if applicable): Published

Synopsis: Loosely based on the life of a real prostitute, Belle Cora gives the life story of a woman who started out as an orphan, becomes a well sought out prostitute to her life as a richest and respected Dowagers of San Francisco.
My rating: My first 10/5 stars for 2014. 
My opinion: Good freakin' lord THIS BOOK WAS AWESOME! 

If I had ANY faith in Hollywood not to screw it up, this would be a great book made into a movie-even if it was only a Lifetime movie. Alas I don't, so please don't touch it! Also, a complaint...I don't know what numbnut is calling this a chicklit book, so please don't insult it that way.

This book was incredibly well written, engrossing and heartwarming/edge of seat intensity that masterfully doesn't beat you over the head. I know it sounds sexist, but I still can't believe that such a strong, complex female protagonist was written by a male. There were so many "lessons" to walk away from in this book.

This book was so refreshing, non-"cookie-cutter" read coming that came from the "traditional" publishing house. At first, my concern was that it was over-hyped. It wasn't!

My recommendation has been if you need to wait at the library for it...GRAB IT. It is one of those rare gems that is worth the $$$$'s.  I happen to feel that it boosted my reading experience by the feel of the paper. I have put the print copy of this book into my Amazon cart because it will be one of those very rare books that I read multiple times.
Don't feel like grabbing the print version, it was fine on my ereader.
Source: Doubleday for review
Would I recommend? : Haell yes! Plus, every person I have recommended it to has given it no less than 4 stars. 
Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone

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