Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Killer in the Wind by Andrew Klavan

Book: A Killer in the Wind

Author: Andrew Klavan

Release date (if applicable): January 8, 2013

Synopsis: Dan Champion, former vice cop for the NYPD, is still scarred after uncovering a sex slave ring run by a woman known as Fat Woman. Resorting to a life of drugs producing hallucinations, Champion tries to live a quieter life as a small town detective.

The past is coming to haunt him again when the body of a young woman washes ashore in the town he works for. As Champion uncovers the past of the woman, his past is coming to haunt him. How deep does this past go and is Champion more involved in this than simply being a detective trying to uncover the death of this young woman?

My rating: 4.5 Stars

My opinion: Holy cow, Batman...this book rocked. It was a slower read to me because the author had intricately woven hallucinations/the past and the present MASTERFULLY.

I found this book somewhat reminiscent of one of my favorite Val McDermid books, A PLACE OF EXECUTION, in its' shocking twists and deep, deep character development.

I became familiar with this author through his appearances on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld and his posts on NEVER did I think his talent to write would have been this deep, this intense that would leave me mouth opened at the end!

Bravo, Mr. Klavan, Bravo!! I can't wait to read more by you!

Source:  Netgalley for publisher      

Would I recommend? : Heck yeah!

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand alone, but really, really hope that Mr. Klavan makes this a series.

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