Friday, December 21, 2012

Looking for last minute Christmas gifts???


I am proud to be taking part of a blog tour today. I have read several of the authors who are participating in this blog tour and love their work. I think that they are the epitome of what I love about "down to grassroots" writing. The books are tops in their story lines, as well as their quality, without the big sticker price of their traditionally published counterparts. At this time, when you are looking for perfect little stocking stuffers, grab a handful of these and let your gift recipients think and thank you all year long!

Just remember, just because you buy the books today, doesn't mean you can't schedule them for Christmas delivery! How much better can it get? It can! Once you are done doing your shopping, you can enter for $990 worth of cool prizes, including Kindles and Amazon gift cards. There is a WHOPPING $500 Amazon gift card!!

All of your favorite genres are represented. Here are some examples, including some reviewed by your humble reviewer! :

Young Adult:


                                                                  4 stars from this reviewer!


                                                                    5 stars from this reviewer!

                                                                 In the process of reviewing this
                                                                             & LOVING IT!



Be sure to head over to and grab some books at discounted prices for all those readers on your gift list.

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