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The Freedom Answer Book: How the Government is Taking Away Your Constitutional Freedoms by Judge Andrew Napolitano

Book: The Freedom Answer Book: How the Government is Taking Away Your Constitutional Freedoms

Author: Judge Andrew Napolitano

Release date (if applicable): January 15, 2013

Synopsis: Judge Andrew Napolitano, a constitutional scholar and former NJ Superior Court Justice, discusses ways that the government is infringing on the freedoms given to us by our Founding Fathers through the Constitution of the United States.

My rating: I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!

My opinion: OK..I am a bit biased, but I love Judge Andrew Napolitano. Otherwise I try to keep this blog out of the political zone. But, Judge Andrew Napolitano has a way of coming in with a "no nonsense", take no prisoners, say it outright, no sugar coating manner about him. Furthermore, he doesn't hold back political punches at either party who are both guilty and feel justification at using the Constitution to further their own political ambitions versus the protection that it was developed as a way to protect Americans from their government.

On that note, I believe I have read every book of Judge Napolitano's. His typical writing style is very dry and academic in its' approach which makes for very long, but necessary reading. This was not the case with this book. He was much lighter in his writing style. Almost as though he did a 180 degree turn in his writing style!  It was to the point that I thought it might be written for high school or early collegiate reading. As I delved in deeper to the book, it was evident that this was not the case. In my opinion, this is a must read for every American. Furthermore, as Judge Napolitano is a staunch Libertarian, I think that this is a book that individuals from every political party known to the United States will be able to take something from.

On a final note, this was not a huge book. I think it was less than 150 pages. The book flowed like water due to the Judge's concise style of writing though.

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Would I recommend? : I think I covered that in my opinion of the book.

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  1. Your opinion here is a great testimonial for the drafting of Andrew Napolitano for Libertarian candidate for President 2016. The Judge has the most respect and is the most popular figure within the Liberty Movement. As he did in his latest book, he speaks with the same revolutionary voice as Ron Paul and has appeal that reaches beyond the Libertarian Party to free-thinking Americans everywhere.