Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Orphanage of Miracles by Amy Neftzger

Book: The Orphanage of Miracles 
Author: Amy Neftzger
Narrator (if applicable):n/a

Release date (if applicable): Published

Synopsis: There is an orphanage in the midst of a worn torn land. Their only job is to produce miracles. Miracles that the king keeps very close to him.  Children come in, but they never leave unless their "miracle" dies.

Kelsey, a young girl with an evil spell on her, needs a miracle. She sets off to find this orphanage as her last resort to free herself of the spell. Will she be saved or will the king be stingy? 
My rating: 5 Stars
My opinion:  I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Neftzger for several years. She has been a Sisterhood of the Traveling Book author member. Her books have always focused on adult literature and while good, her literature didn't really stand out to her competitors. 

My opinion of this author changed when I read The Orphanage of Miracles. This book grasped me immediately. It is a wonderful, CLEAN read for middle school readers, which allows them to use their imaginations with the storyline. Although there were two stories "going on", the story wrapped up beautifully. 

One criticism that I did find focuses on the editing of the book. I feel that it could have used some tighter editing. I found several mistakes which should have stood out to an editor.  However, these errors didn't detract from my review rating.

As a result of her author member status, I have read numerous works by this author, but feel she has really found her niche in this series and in the juvenile book market. 

Source: Sisterhood of the Traveling Book 
Would I recommend? : I already have.
Stand Alone or Part of a Series: First in series

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