Friday, May 4, 2012

You Know Your Way Home by Suzanne Jauchius

Book:  You Know Your Way Home

Author: Suzanne Jauchius

Release date (if applicable): Released

Synopsis: A memoir written as the author delves into her destructive lifestyle, including 5 marriages and the poor relationship choices which come with them.  She must also overcome parental coldness and nonacceptance. All this while dealing with the gift of psychic ability which surround murdered and missing individuals.

My rating: 4 stars

My opinion: This was a very interesting book to me. I think with the way it was described in the Youtube video, I was expecting more of a light thriller/memoir. That is not what it was. I think the subtitle does the book a bit more justice than the video. On that note, the book pertains to the author's journey from short of self loathing and the non-acceptance from those around her (note: 5 marriages) to one of self acceptance.

As a former counselor, I love reviewing/utilizing/recommending books which can be used in bibliotherapy or as a tool for starting discussions with clients/patients. This book would qualify under that. Although this author had issues related to her psychic ability, she also displayed behaviors which resulted from poor decision making and a lack of self worth/acceptance. There are MANY situations/behaviors which can be led back to a client with destructive behaviors in numerous other areas and how they can associate with certain behaviors the author has done or been placed in.  What I would have loved about using this one, is unlike common "assignments" in therapy, the use of self help books, the client might actually read and pay attention to this one!

Finally, there was alot to "keeping it real" in regards to the psychic world. I loved how Ms. Jauchius said, in regards to the Polly Klaas case, something about wanna be psychics (she used a much funnier term though). All along, I have said if someone liked the show "The Ghost Whisperer" and the character of Melinda Gordon, they would enjoy this book. Once she came to the acceptance of who she was, the author displays some of that same awkwardness towards her gift that Melinda displayed, yet was a deep, thoughtful person.

Would I recommend? :  Yes, I would under certain circumstances. If you aren't a person who believes in psychics, you are going to have a hard time with this book. I would probably not recommend it. I noticed that the authors only 2 star ratings on Goodreads pertained to someone who said she doesn't believe in psychics. The book clearly states that it focuses on the author's psychic ability, so why would she read it?!?! One of the great mysteries of Goodreads reviewers!

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