Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Book: Death in the Delta: Uncovering a Mississippi Family Secret     

Author: Molly Walling

Release date (if applicable): October 2, 2012

Synopsis: TRUE STORY A woman tries to come to terms with her father's murderous past.

My rating: 4 stars

My opinion: This book was really cool. I have had a fascination with pre-civil rights South race relations/history for years and this book fit perfectly into that learning of that period of time. It was very unusual to see it from the perspective of a white woman trying to come to terms of a racial incident perpetrated by her father to two black men and the secrets kept within her family. To boot, the author brought in multiple perspectives by experts of that time, which really made the book pop.

Would I recommend? : Heck yeah, in fact, I have

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone

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