Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Inquisitor's Key/ The Bones of Avignon (Body Farm #7)

US Version

UK Version

Book: The Inquisitor's Key/The Bones of Avignon (UK Version)

Author: Jefferson Bass

Synopsis: Dr. Bill Brockton's assistant, Miranda Lovelady, decides to spend her summer participating in an archaeological dig in Avignon, France. She soon falls onto a mystery which starts with the possible bones of Jesus Christ. Not being able to leave her protege out of this one, she gets him to France under hilarious methods only to find out the mystery of the bones might be something bigger and deadlier than they can handle.

My Rating: OH 5 STARS, BABY!! Nothin' less!!

My opinion: I have to be really honest when I first read the book jacket and Amazon description, I was very nervous. I love Dr. Bill Brockton. The man is someone you could really sit down and have a beer with. Full of wit, sarcasm, down to Earth and just an all around good guy. With the setting, I was concerned that the book would be pretentious in nature and I have had enough shock of authors blowing my favorite characters out of the water this year!! Jon Jefferson being the brilliant writer that he is, was able to keep Dr. Brockton his same old lovable self while providing a rich background and a deep mystery set in two different time periods, which then pull together beautifully! 

Would I recommend? : You bet!! I regularly recommend the entire is so good.  Let's just say that the series is so good that I read the first 6 books in less than 1 month, often finishing a book in one day. I keep saying that each one is better than the last one. The other thing that I love about this series is that, in my humble opinion, both men and women can read it and enjoy it. It is not saturated with a ton of "emotions". I call it "all the forensic archeology fun without the pretentiousness of Kathy Reich's, Temperance Brennan or Patricia Cornwell's, Kay Scarpetta." Take that as...if you like Kathy Reich's, Temperance Brennan series or Patricia Cornwell's, Kay Scarpetta series. (or if you don't like them for the reasons I listed)..YOU WILL LOVE THE BODY FARM SERIES!

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Part of a series

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The Devil's Bones (Body Farm #3)

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