Friday, April 6, 2012

The Lola Quartet

Book: The Lola Quartet

Author: Emily St. John Mandel

Release date (if applicable): May 8, 2012

Synopsis: Gavin Sasaki returns to Florida, after being terminated at his job as a reporter for a New York newspaper, only to find out that he might be a daddy as a result of a fling with a friend who was part of a jazz band with him in high school. Now, both she and the child have disappeared and he is trying to locate them both.

My rating: 4 stars

My opinion: I must say that I enjoyed the "mystery" part of the story over the jazz references. I also loved the overall "feel" of the book from language used to the settings. I also loved the author's masterful use of weaving present tense with the past and what led up to the present, particularly with Anna and how the rest of the group figured into the mystery. She kept me guessing if Gavin was the baby daddy or not, with little hints or wrenches that she had thrown in? And...where and what happened to Anna and the child? I must say I enjoyed the ride in a book I went into some trepidation with.

Would I recommend? : Yes

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone

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