Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Longings of Wayward Girls by Karen Brown

Book: The Longings of Wayward Girls
Author: Karen Brown
Narrator (if applicable):  n/a

Release date (if applicable): Published

Synopsis: Two pre-teen girls play a prank on another girl. The girl disappears later the same day from a barbeque never to be seen again. Twenty years later, secrets come uncovered shaking a small town to its roots.
My rating: 2.5/5 Stars (3 stars on Goodreads/Amazon)
My opinion: Meh. Mediocre. There was nothing that stood out about this book to me. While I finished it and it kept me engaged, I must admit that I forgot the bigger chunk of it almost immediately. Never a good sign in my reading. 

Furthermore, there were significant aspects of the book that I felt rambled on specifically to draw out the book. 
Source:  Publisher for review
Would I recommend? : No, to be totally honest, I wouldn't.
Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone

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