Friday, February 8, 2013

America's Best BBQ Homestyle: What the Champions Cook in Their Own Backyards by Ardie A. Davis and Chef Paul Kirk

Book: America's Best BBQ Homestyle: What the Champions Cook in Their Own Backyard
Author: Ardie A. Davis
Release date (if applicable): May 7, 2013

Synopsis: A collection of recipes for the BBQ. Cooking methods include gas, charcoal and smokers. Recipes included appetizers, meats, fishes, side dishes, desserts and sauces/rubs. What I found most interesting were the tips and tidbits for grilling. 
My rating: 4 Stars
My opinion: It is rare that I have mixed feelings regarding a cookbook, but I really do with this one. Although the recipes are scrumptious looking for the most part, I found this not to be a cookbook for a novice cook. While some recipes, few and far between, were simple enough for a new grilling cook, most were extensive and required a whole lot of prep or skill in preparing them. 

My favorite part of this entire book was the rubs and sauces section. Looking to make my own at this point in my culinary life, I am preferring to make my own versus purchasing commercially prepared sauces. 

Although they only had one or two drink recipes, this is a cookbook that definitely could have carried more of them.
Source: Netgalley for Publisher

Would I recommend? : For a more experienced chef or one looking to expand their culinary skills past steaks and burgers on the grill.  I am on the fence whether or not to purchase it or not. I may save this one for grabbing it from my library!
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