Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pandora's Bottle: A Novel by Joanne Sydney Lessner

Book: Pandora's Bottle: A Novel

Author: Joanne Sydney Lessner

Release date (if applicable): Released

Synopsis: Sy, an incredibly rich, middle aged, wine enthusiast, has purchased a $510, 000, plus tax, bottle of wine. It is the last one Thomas Jefferson and the French Revolution. His plans are to share it with beautiful and young, Valentina, his secretary and current infatuation. Valentina's idea of wine is to open the bottle, drink it and throw the bottle away! Will she learn enough about wine to not look like a fool to Sy? Will Sy win her heart or is someone else also vying for it? Who else has plans for Sy's wine? 

My rating: 5 Stars

My opinion: I can thank Twitter for connecting me with this author. The author asked me to review this book for her and I am thrilled she did. This book was a real treat.

The author's style of writing had me feel as though I was right there with the characters. This allowed me to be sucked into the book very quickly. The book also had a warmth to it, while having moments of sarcastic wit shown through supporting characters. I found myself laughing out loud during periods of this book, particularly those of Valentina's friend.

When the book first opened and Sy was described and then it went into his infatuation with his much younger secretary, Valentina, Ms. Lessner had me feeling like I was in Sy's head. My first thought was of how many older professional men I knew that fit Sy's bill!

The "relationship" between Sy and Valentina was only seconded by a wonderful, quirky cast of supporting characters competing for Sy's attention to share his bottle of wine for their own reasons. They made me laugh.

Coming from a background of loving wine and going to many a tasting, I couldn't believe how dead on she was in the descriptions of those in the wine world. It was such a pleasure to read/review, and now, recommend this book.

Source: Author provided

Would I recommend? : Yes, especially for wine lovers!!

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone


  1. Thanks for the great review, Naomi! Readers, don't be daunted if Amazon says 'temporarily out of stock.' Place your order anyway. The moment you do, Amazon turns around and re-orders from the publisher. That's how they deal with small presses!

  2. It was a real pleasure to not only read this book, but to recommend it to other readers!