Friday, June 22, 2012

Dead Scared (Lacey Flint Book 2) by SJ Bolton

Book: Dead Scared

Author: S.J. Bolton

Release date (if applicable): Released

Synopsis: DC Lacey Flint is brought in under cover to investigate the suicides of numerous college co-eds. These co-eds have the perfect psychological histories to justify the suicides, but is there something much more sinister going on? If there is, is Lacey the right cop to solve it or the perfect next victim of a vicious killer?

My rating: Good lord..5 stars all the way!

My opinion: Where to start? First off, as I have read most, if not all,  of S.J. Bolton's works, this is an author that I watch "grow" with each of her releases. This book flew out of the gate and didn't look back with its' intensity, creepiness, tension of characters and situations and downright twistedness. Very Val McDermid'esque in its' writing style and masterful unleashing of the story line which kept me, as the reader, guessing! This book was a perfect example of why I love and seek out female, British mystery writers. 

I literally had to force myself to put this book down to work on other things that I was working on.

I must admit that Val McDermid is my favorite British author. I stalk her stuff to see when new releases are coming out and compare every British author (actually all authors) to the Val factor. Another favorite of mine is JT Ellison. Whenever I read any mystery of any form from any country, my question is always...How does it compare to a Val McDermid or JT Ellison book? Has the author been able to write a strong storyline without having to depend too heavily on the romance dance to prop up weak writing. I must admit that SJ is clipping on the heels of these two authors and my strong opinion is that I will soon be adding her name to the mix.

Source: Netgalley for Publisher

Would I recommend? : Really, with the review I just wrote, do I need to answer this??

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Part of Series

Lacey Flint Book 1

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