Monday, June 4, 2012

The Gingerbread House by Carin Gerhardsen

Book: The Gingerbread House

Author: Carin Gerhardsen

Release date (if applicable): June 5, 2012

Synopsis:  A serial killer is stalking Stockholm. What do all the victims have in common? Hint...Bullies Beware!

My rating: Oh, 5 stars, baby!!

My opinion: Good lord, this book is the epitome of why I LOVE Nordic Noir. This book was fantastic. It was twisted and engrossing with its' scenes and character development. I loved how deep and dark the author went in describing the characters, particularly the killer. Lovers of author Karin Fossum will adore this author. My only complaint...this is the author's only book translated to English. This is one of my pet peeves of the Nordic Noir genre and this book was a classic example of why.

Source: Netgalley for Stockholm Text Publishing

Would I recommend? : Duh, already have!

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Can't tell you, but I think it is a stand alone.

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