Wednesday, January 9, 2013

26 Days of Kindness: Support you local indie author!

From January 5-30, I am taking part in author Terri G. Long's 26 Days of Kindness. Terri was inspired by this in a movement started by Ann Curry following the Newtown, CT shootings. For the most part, the readers of this blog will never see what I do. I really like to keep those things private. When I do things to make people know I am thinking of them, I do it for us as a let them know I cherish them, even if I don't know the person! I don't see it as a "look at me, look at me...look at how good I am" moment!

On this one, I made the decision to write about it. Not to gloat, but because this is something that the readers, who happen to be bloggers or authors, of this blog can do and I wanted to spread the information.

Yesterday, I received an email from a friend regarding a relatively new ebook award program that is now in the process of accepting nominations for its' awards. The group is eFestival of Words: Best of the Independent eBook. These book awards are specifically for ebooks, although the author can have print versions, but these judges only focus on the ebook version.

I went in and immediately started to fill it out. I read a ton of independent books and a chunk of these novels have brought me such pleasure that I wanted them to get some recognition and if I could be instrumental in that, then sign me up! Still being relatively knew to the whole Indie movement, I didn't think I was doing anything that big, I was just simply recognizing quality writing.

As I have started to notify people that I nominated their work, in case there was anything that they needed to do on their end or if the nomination was accepted, it didn't blindside them, I was shocked by their response. They were truly surprised, happy and GRACIOUS!

So, why not nominate your favorite indie author? Most work just as diligently in bringing quality work to the table than any traditionally published author.I have read works that have had me shaking my head at how good they were.

On a final note, I want to thank the friend who brought the information on this award program to me. You brought a smile to my face, as I was surprised by the reaction of the authors.

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