Sunday, January 6, 2013

Season of the Wolf by Jeffrey J. Mariotte

Book: Season of the Wolf

Author: Jeffrey J. Mariotte

Release date (if applicable): February 26, 2013

Synopsis: Hollywood documentary film producer, Alex Converse, heir to a coal company, arrives in Silver Gap, Colorado with his team to produce a film on global warming. What he finds when he gets there are disappearances and murders. Some which have been done by a group of wolves...some not. What do the string of murders have to do with Alex? 

My rating: 3 Stars and I am really being generous. I think in my heart of hearts, it is more like 2 to 2.5 stars.

My opinion: I have to be honest with the reader of this review. When I requested this book from Netgalley, I did so because I was drawn to the publisher of the book, DarkFuse. This publisher is responsible for producing some of my favorite thriller writers, including Ronald Malfi. 

The writing of Season of the Wolf, for the most part was good; however, I found my interest in every aspect of the story waxed and waned. There was no consistency to my attraction to the storyline. A book of its' size, approximately 240 pages, should take me no longer than an evening to finish. I found myself pushing this book aside to complete other tasks, read other books. Heck, I even found myself re-dusting the book shelves in my home. 

Furthermore, I found the characters and the setting to be a bit cliche. Something that one would see in a B grade movie. Rich, Hollywood film maker, who happens to be heir to an coal company, has seen the wicked ways of his family before him and is trying to make things right by producing a film on global warming. Then we can't forget the annoying assistant and ignorant, simpleton town folk. Been there...done that.

There were a couple of twists in the book, but not enough to save it for me. Definitely not enough to keep my interest.   

Source:   Netgalley for DarkFuse     

Would I recommend? : No

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone

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