Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Live from the Road by P.C. Zick

Book: Live from the Road
Author: P.C. Zick
Release date (if applicable): Published

Synopsis: Bored with their status quo, boring lives, friends Meg Newton and Sally Sutton decide to hit the road for a road trip down historic Route 66. Accompanying them are their daughters. While cruising the historic road, they meet a colorful cast of characters and some they are not so glad to have tag along for their once in a lifetime road trip.
My rating: 2.5 (will be rounded to 3 for the purpose of Goodreads and Amazon)
My opinion: I could never warm up to this book and found myself rushing to get through it. The characters almost felt forced to me and with the storyline had a feeling of "...and then" meaning that it jumped from one scene to another simply for dramatic effect versus a well laid out storyline.
Source:  Author for review   
Would I recommend? : To be honest with the reader of this review, I am on the fence with recommending this book. As a women's lit book, almost bordering on chick lit, I think there is an audience for this book. I have read and reviewed a number of books along this line, but this one there was simply a split for me. I would encourage those considering to purchase this book to seek out other reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and make your decision looking at your compilation of reviews. 
Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone

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