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The Respect Effect: Using the Science of Neuroscience to Inspire a More Loyal and Productive Workplace by Paul Meshanko

Book: The Respect Effect: Using the Science of Neuroscience to Inspire a More Loyal and Productive Workplace
Author: Paul Meshanko
Narrator (if applicable): n/a

Release date (if applicable): Published

Synopsis: From Goodreads:

What does every employee want? In a word: RESPECT The best leaders are the ones who motivate employees to want to perform at the highest level possible--which is never accomplished with an iron-fist style of management. The best results are achieved through one of the most basic human behaviors: the showing of respect.
Organizational change expert Paul Meshanko has studied how the human brain responds in various workplace situations--and his conclusion is astonishing: People perform at their highest level when treated with respect. Conversely, when an employee is emotionally attacked by disrespectful behavior, he or she shuts down. In "The Respect Effect," Meshanko reveals the transformational power of respect in the workplace.
Given the pressures of the workplace, this is sometimes easier said than done. So Meshanko provides a practical action plan you can use to train yourself or others to get on track--and stay on track. His proven strategy helps you understand the initial, biological reactions to what people (This means you!) say and do.
Through his cited research in neuroscience, Meshanko teaches you how to create positive situations, avoid negative ones, and ultimately build a better work environment for everyone. "The Respect Effect" explains: The hard science proving why respect is the most powerful employee motivator How to build a corporate culture based on respect, starting with senior leadership The 12 Rules of Respect--simple but powerful ways to communicate respectfully in any situation The strategy, resource requirements, and tools for sustaining a respectful workplace culture

My rating: 2 Stars
My opinion: This book, which had so many important issues to bring to the forefront of the corporate world, fell very, very short to me and I must admit that I was thoroughly disappointed. Unfortunately, the author chose to go off on both political and social rants (biased in presentation) that were totally inappropriate to the topic and to the business world. He clearly has a grasp on the dangers of disrespect to a workplace. I am not sure why he chose to go off on tangents related to Fox News (of course), Congress (Republicans only), a diversity director's PERSONAL racist event (outside the corporate setting). Could he not find enough examples inside the corporate world because I am sure people would be lining up to tell him their stories? There were other examples, but I am sure any reader of this review will get the gist. It came off as very unprofessional for a business book.

I can't reiterate enough times, how disappointed I am in this book. This book, outside those incidents,  would easily have been a 5 star review from me had he chosen not to divert to examples outside the corporate world OR chosen to write how societal disrespect carries over to the workplace.

Source: McGraw Hill Professional
Would I recommend? : I have to say that I still would. Bypass the tangents because there are some incredibly important points in between the tangents.
Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Stand Alone

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