Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blog To Give: Villalobos Rescue Center Urgent Food Reqeust!

Today I was going to do a book review and save my Blog to Give post for the beginning of March, but Mother Necessity has shown her face again. As a reminder, A Book and A Review decided that for 2013, I was going to donate $1 to Villalobos Rescue Center for each post/book review I did.

Villalobos Rescue Center sent out a Facebook message towards the end of last week that their shelves were getting bare and the facility was in desperate need of Pedigree dog food. Fans of VRC, Tia and the television show Pit Bulls and Parolees answered the call. Food was sent to help this wonderful rescue. A Book and A Review sent a $40 gift card to cover what will be about 25 posts in the month of February.

UPS Puppies!

As with any rescue, though, this has only slowed the demand for food, especially when puppies fall from the sky or are literally delivered by their local UPS driver, a shout out was placed again, this time for Blue Buffalo Puppy Food and Innova Puppy Food to give the pups a wonderful start on life.

So, as offered monthly, here are the links to the Villalobos wish lists. Can you help puppies who had no say in how they came into this world or were treated once they did? I have yet to have a donation to this rescue not be appreciated!

Links to help:

 Amazon Wish List

 Cash Donations Link

 All photos from Villalobos Facebook Page

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