Friday, March 15, 2013

The Offering: A Novel by Angela Hunt

Book: The Offering
Author: Angela Hunt
Release date (if applicable): March 14, 2013

Synopsis: Amanda Lisandra makes a decision that will change her life forever when she chooses to become a surrogate mother for a childless couple from France after meeting another surrogate mother in a grocery store. She thinks this will help bring in some extra cash to support her military husband, Damien and she loves being pregnant anyway. Her biggest question is how to explain her pregnacy to their 3 year old daughter. After tragedy strikes, Amanda sees a picture of the boy she carried and he is the spitting image of her husband. Could Amanda have been carrying and given up her own child?
My rating: 4 Stars
My opinion: I must admit when I started this book, I was rather bored with it. I found it to be predictable and I questioned the possibility of what the author was writing. In fact, I didn't find the book to bee anything special much like most of the other Women's Lit books I have read. Around page 175, the book took off and went in a way that I didn't see coming. The author rolled out the storyline and had it come to ahead within those pages and the ending, which I still found to be a bit predictable, but still decisions and resolutions made that had me thinking. This book ended up being a really pleasant shocker to me!

I still question some of the DNA stuff, how she obtained it and the legalities of the entire situation, but that is how I flow. I no longer question it...I just let my reviewing flow!
Source: Edelweiss for Howard Books  

Would I recommend? : I gotta say...yes I would. If you aren't a huge reader of women's lit, hang in there.
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