Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Chance: The Dog Days of Summer 99 cent sale

I am a huge supporter of Indie and self pubbed authors and look to support them any chance I can. Anyone who knows me for even the tiniest, minutest second of a time, knows that I am a free market girl who LOVES competition. That in that competition, it is more times than not, the consumer who is on the winning end, both in price and in quality of the goods produced.

I have come across some really, really rockin' Indie authors and when I saw that a couple of them were hosting a "Dog Days" event, I knew I had to get the message out there! My posts for the last several days have focused on efforts for readers to get to know authors Rachel Thompson and Terri G. Long. I have read all three books that are a part of this event and enjoyed each one immensely!

So take the time to grab each of these books. I promise you for LESS than the cost of a Starbucks latte you will have a much better time that lasts longer and leaves you a lot fuller when you finish!

Leah, an over accomplished 16 year old soccer star destined for state championships and prestigious college scholarships, which fit in perfectly to the Tyler's image, does a teen-age about face and hooks up with Todd, a former roadie from the "wrong side of the tracks". Is the Tyler's life as perfect as it seems or is the overly responsible 12 year old daughter, Justine, a snapshot into a dysfunctional family with secrets to hide and that things that seem so perfect to outsiders are not quite that perfect to those who live it? Sometimes, the grass isn't always greener.
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In sarcastic, witty, hilarious, and yes...snarky, form that Rachel would gold medal in if it was an Olympic sport, we are invited to the inner workings of Rachel's mind and her opinions of the "unfairer" sex...yep, men!
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Violet Parker has a lot on her plate. She needs to sell a home or lose her job and the only buyer she has refuses to purchase haunted homes...the nerve! But then, little girls start disappearing from Deadwood, South Dakota. Can Violet figure out what is behind the mystery before her daughter goes among the missing AND keep her job in the process?!? A cozy at its' finest, this little gem has maintained a 4+ Star rating with over 200 reviews on Amazon AND Goodreads!

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